Nordic Precision Medicine Forum

Tid och Plats: 22-23 April 20204, Stockholm

Focused events on Precision Medicine, Oncology, Pathology and AI & Data, allows us to convene a broader group of experts, from more disciplines, across all of the key stakeholders, in one place.

Taking a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach, we have engaged key opinion leaders from healthcare, research, industry, payers, government and patient groups, in order to identify the essential topics and projects from across precision medicine.

Agendas include:
Plenary Session: Building a Framework to Enable Precision Medicine
Plenary Session: Evolving European Innovation for Precision Medicine Implementation
Precision Medicine in Cardiometabolic Disease
Expanding Precision Medicine in the Clinic
Functional Precision Medicine
Multi-Omics Approaches to Precision Oncology
Advancing Molecular Tumor Boards
How Can We Achieve Patient Centred Precision Oncology?
How Precision Diagnostics Can Improve Therapeutic Outcomes
Advancements in Digital Pathology
Molecular Pathology
AI Based Image Analysis
Advancing Precision Medicine in the Clinic with AI
Data-Driven Precision Medicine

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